Oakhurst Mess Market this weekend! May 9

Want to know more about the jams?


Why Jams?

I remember growing up with my mom making amazing jams in the kitchen.  Even flavors that I thought sounded terrible turned out delicious.  In particular, I remember the Strawberry Rhubarb jam and how it wonderful it was on hot biscuits.  Recently, I was stumped at what to give my stepdaughters’ tutors and carpool drivers for appreciation of their efforts.   I wanted something personal, because they had really made an effort.  So I thought about foods like homemade cookies and scones.  Scones led to jams. Somehow, I knew that was it!  I’ve made jams over the years, a batch or two here and there.  Strawberry Rhubarb was a must, but one wasn’t really enough.  So I pulled out my canning recipes and looked to the internet for inspiration.  I wanted something unique but flavorful.  I found a website that mentioned herbs and jam.   I started looking for great combinations of fruit, herbs, and spices.  The testing was pretty terrible and pretty amazing.  The amazing combinations are what inspired me to share them with everyone.

The Jammaker by the chicken coop

Why City Farm Foods?

Well, I am a city girl.  I grew up in the Atlanta area where my parents were always planting stuff in the yard.  It was usually flowers and the occasional tomato’s.   I like being close to great dining and shopping.  My husband likes space and land.  He enjoys growing things that we can eat and use.   We tried living close to town on a postage stamp sized property and we tried living on an acre of land about 45 minutes from the city.  Neither worked well for us.  A compromise.  We moved in the city limits but on a half acre.  John built a raised vegetable garden, planted some apple trees and blackberry bushes, and then built the chicken coop.  So now we have a city farm.


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